Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Becoming X

No seriously, Liberty X were still going? In what sense?

Anyway, the second-chance Popstars leftovers that got themselves formed into a Bernard Matthews style unattractive shaped meat product (they even came wrapped in plastic at first) have now officially called it a day. I don't think they bothered with a press conference or anything.

[EDIT: Now with added correct link]

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Anonymous said...

It's like finding out Thora Hird has died, isn't it? The big surprise was that they were still around. I mean, I remember the comeback single with Reverend Run from Run DMC (Liberty X, not Thora Hird), but then they just sort-of fizzled out again, the way they always seemed to do after the second single from each album tanked. What on earth did they do in all the spare time?

If nothing else, they at least provided us with the TV car-crash that is Michelle Heaton. One of TV's finest moments came from her during 'Michelle and Andy's Big Day' during a scene in which they were driving around, completely lost.

Her: "We're lost now! I told you we should've used the Sat Nav!!"
Him: "Well turn the Sat Nav on then!!!!"

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