Friday, May 11, 2007

Bloody art

Pete Doherty's so-so blood-splattered artworks have turned up on display in London's Bankrobber Gallery (their slogan is also lifted from the Clash, the apt "turning rebellion into money").

The blood is key, apparently:

Robin Barton, of the Bankrobber gallery, presenting the show, claimed the medium was very appropriate for Doherty.

"His use of blood lends itself perfectly to exploring the extraordinary personal and physical intensity that characterises so much of Peter’s life and work as an artist in the broadest sense," he said.

Perhaps... except, when Doherty was photgraphed poking a syringe into a sleeping girl's arm, he claimed he was collecting blood for his pictures. And if he's using someone else's blood, doesn't that make the art as impersonal as if he'd just gone and bought some paints from a shop?


Anonymous said...

Does any one have any pics of these!!!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...


I hope you'll forgive me for editing your comment - to the untrained eye, posting two comments in quick succession both containing a link to what you claim to be "pete's unauthorised DVD" (although how you can simultaneously use a possessive apostrophe and claim it's unauthorised is beyond me) might start to look a little spammy.

And, yes, the Daily Mail story linked to in the post has pictures of a couple of the artworks.

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