Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bobby Brown: Not Humpin' Around

You'd have thought that a man who signed up to spend twenty four hours with Jamie Campbell for an ITV programme had no standards at all. But it turns out Bobby Brown does have a line he won't cross, after all.

He doesn't hold with any of that gay stuff.

Campbell, it seems, made a remark about putting "sex moves" on Brown. Brown didn't take it well:

“What the fuck do you mean, sex moves? Are you gay? On live TV I will fuck you up.”

(It isn't live TV, which has given ITV a chance to circulate some preppublicity gold.)
“You should have laughed, because I didn’t laugh. Do you know how I could fuck you up in here? Do you know that? Are you gay? I think you’re less of a man for not answering.”

“You know what would be more of a joke? If the 24 hours ended right now. I will whoop your ass in here, thoroughly.

Then Bobby seemed to remember that, by not getting a desperately needed cheque signed by Michael Grade, the joke might wind up being on him, so he stayed.

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Chris Brown said...

Hasn't he just handed ITV a great opportunity to edit out the word "up" from that quote?

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