Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Can't complain, Mustaine grumbles

Dave Mustaine is a man dedicated to controlling his career - he even takes a close interest in what's on his tshirts:

"I'd made a couple of things clear to my agent: I don't want tits and ass on my t-shirts, because I think that's kind of juvenile, and as far as the Satanic stuff, I've been there, done that and I found it kind of wanting.

"You can be so much heavier with stuff like a nuclear bomb than a pentagram. I mean, what's scarier: VX gas or an upside-down cross?"

This is exactly the same as when famous druggies start lecturing the youth of now about how they shouldn't do drucks because they're no good. There's something almost heartbreaking about someone who has had to try drawing pentangles on walls and attempting to raise Beelzebub before deciding 'actually, that might be a load of old rubbish.' Who knew digging up a corpse and dancing round with the dead's skin over your head didn't really have any effect at all?

Does he actually mean that he's now going to sell stuff with photos of bombs on, though? Because isn't that going to make his tour programme indistinguishable from a British Aerospace sales brochure?

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