Thursday, May 10, 2007

Diddy does it for Di

The leaking ship that is the Diana Memorial Concert is starting to look less like a coherent event, more like a mad grouping of anyone who's free that day.

Puff Daddy? Really? Tom Jones? Will Young? Roger Hodgson?

You know, Roger Hodgson. Out of Supertramp.

Apparently, someone's discovered a 1988 quote where Diana said she like Supertramp, and the Sun has rolled out its royal photographer Arthur Edwards - a man who carries on like he has breakfast at Clarence House, dinner at Sandringham and supper at Buck House, rather than merely shoves a camera into the face of any of the inbred unelected he happens across. Edwards has "confirmed" that Diana used to have a Supertramp tape in her car, so that's alright then. The link with Diddy is less clear - not even Arfur can offer any 'evidence' of a link, and presumably nobody is going to try and suggest that had she lived, his music would have been what she was listening to know.


Unknown said...

Leaking 'fountain' shurely?

Anonymous said...

Will Young actually strikes me as a natural choice: had it not been for the cultural phenomenon Diana epitomised, he'd probably never have taken up pop music.

And to be honest I can just imagine her late-teens self listening to "Breakfast in America" ...

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