Thursday, May 10, 2007

SuperKate to the rescue

Who knew that Lily Allen had been saved from a certain thrashing by the intervention of Kate Moss at Glastonbury:

These girls were beating me up and she was the only person who stood in and said 'leave her alone you're being bullies'.

"They stabbed me in the ear with a beer can and cut my ear open, I also had two black eyes - it was a bit of a nightmare!"

Interesting, isn't it? Not the bit about Moss stopping Allen being attacked, but that Moss and Allen were in the same bit of the festival two years back. You know, when Allen was supposedly a struggling artist awaiting a big break and not trading on her Dad's name or anything like that.

Lily says this is the reason she's only got nice things to say about Moss:
"I only have nice things to say about her because she jumped to my defence a couple of years ago at Glastonbury Festival."

That's what she said on this morning's This Morning. Amongst the "only nice things", of course, has been snorting derisively at Kate's clothing range.

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