Friday, May 11, 2007

Whatever happened to Harvey So Solid?

Apparently, Michael "MC" Harvey has turned up in the cast of Daddy Cool, the Boney M "musical". Although he's not really a daddy, and, it turns out, not that good at keeping his cool, either. The Sun reckons he's been given some time off:

The ex-SO SOLID star launched into a backstage rant — and last night producer Robert Mackintosh said: “He was a bit grumpy. He’s having five days off.”


Anonymous said...

With reference to the Fergie story above, can you imagine a letter from Harvey to his 17 year old self? "You'll win fame amongst the dimwitted by pretending to be a gangster, before quietly turning to musical theatre and becomming the 21st century Gary Wilmott".

Anonymous said...

That first line put me right off my Wheaty-Bangs.

"RAPPER turned love rat cum actor MC HARVEY..."

'Love rat cum actor'? I didn't know Daddy Cool was that sort of show.

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