Friday, May 11, 2007

Robbie Williams is not setting his blog to 'private'

Apparently, Robbie Williams has taken to blogging. And people accuse bloggers of being self-obsessed narcissists unable to form relationships or string a sentence together. Oh.

"There are a few dating rules people adhere to out here in Hollywood. And they're all fucking stupid... Don't call until the next day. Then don't get back to him for at least 2 days etc.

"It's all rubbish. If any of the rules are applied to me, I respond in kind by never speaking to them again."

Well, that's a mature response. Are people still using The Rules, though? Wasn't that a fad that went out before even the Atkins Diet? Maybe people just aren't calling you because they don't want to, Robbie. Perhaps rather than playing by The Rules, they're just putting it off?

Apparently, someone called Tina has annoyed him, too:
"I trust you less than ever now. You have completely blown any trust I had for you by being a devious cunt.

"If I knew my girlfriend had been on a dinner and DVD night with another man I would be livid. I'm furious thinking about!!!!!!! And it happened weeks ago."

"I was pissed off for all of 20 minutes.

"Apart from the dodgy profile I liked her and I expect more from her and women in general."

So... you were only worried about it for twenty minutes, despite being so worried about it you're blogging an incoherent rant "weeks" later?

Okay, Robbie. You've convinced us.


Anonymous said...

Thieving bastard. He's just copied and pasted Jodie Marsh's blog and done a find-and-replace of 'him' for 'her', hasn't he?

jacqueline said...

whats the deal with the whole putting yourself on face book and then taking yourself off, i hope i didn't make you any more money. ego maniac

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