Friday, June 22, 2007

Glasto blog round-up: Enter Pete and Kate

Well, they didn't show up in a helicopter, then: the Guardian blog reports that Pete and Kate, desperate to keep their visit secret, turned up in a huge winnebago, and then parked it next to the NME bus.

They did try to insist that nobody take their photos, though.

Didn't work, did it?

Puzzlingly, the NME insists that Mia wasn't going to play, although on BBC2 Lauren Laverne reckoned she could see her on one of the monitors. Perhaps the rumoured replacements, Lily Allen or Michael Stripe, just had really, really convincing masks on.

On the other side of the electric VIP fence, TinyJo offers a weather report (
"Well, I think thats the heaviest rain I've been go at Glastonbury"); Oldghosts offers a forecast ("its shitty and getting worse") and J3r3m7 reviews the Magic Numbers ("awesome").

Maybe we're just being thick, but we can't see any evidence of Peaches Geldof blogging from the festival, despite the promises made by Orange. Perhaps her spellchecker is taking a longtime to come up with the correct spelling of ORSUM.


Simon said...

I think Lauren may have been reading from the running order rather than spotting her. She did have an odd tendency to glance away from Jo or the camera to an area offscreen. Were you aware she's pregnant? (This was just before she threw to the Fratellis but the director instead cut to Jo throwing to the Fratellis)

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

She did mention the pregnancy thing quite a lot of a recent Transmission - I suspect recorded shortly after she'd either found out, or decided to go public. I could have sworn she said "there's MIA, there", though...

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