Sunday, June 03, 2007

Keith Allen's daughter on the property ladder

Naturally, Keith Allen's daughter can't actually buy a house. Oh, no, she has to buy a £600k lovenest. Apparently, she's sharing it with Seb Chew, which we thought was a sweet a bit like Reisen, but turns out to be a man of some sort.

And, being Lily Allen, she's kept us all informed about the details:

"While I love handbags and shoes, I think it's more important to have a place to call home.

"I frantically looked at some places with my sister Sarah as she's been researching houses for the past few weeks. We found a house in Hackney that I immediately fell in love with. I put an offer in - and it was declined!"

Goodness. I do hope she does her own conveyancing and shares that in intimate details, too.

Apparently, buying a house is, erm, like buying a second-hand dress:
"Buying a house is like buying a dress in an over-priced vintage shop... except obviously there's more people in the equation and buying a dress doesn't come with a 25-year financial obligation! Anyway they finally accepted my offer and it's amazing. I'm so happy. I really feel like I've earned it.

"Keep your fingers crossed that I can move in soon."

We're not entirely sure that you have to have a full survey done on a dress, even in an over-priced vintage shop. Or to find out what the parking is like, or worry about the people who own the dresses next door. In fact, it's nothing alike, is it? Except, to be fair, you do have to worry if you'll fit in the thing, and hope that the smell of the person who had it before you doesn't hang about too long.