Sunday, June 03, 2007

Manc fights god: Timberlake grazed

Actually, it probably wasn't a Mancuian at all, because it was another guest at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester who threw a bottle of coke at Justin Timberlake.

Someone who told the Mail on Sunday about it reports that Timbo went upstairs to fetch something from his bedroom, when the bloke started shouting abuse at him - we don't know what, so let's assume it was "you self-important muppet, the Grammys would have probably had a fifty per cent increase if it hadn't been for you" or maybe "you're less sexyback, more hairyback" - so Timberlake shoved him.

The response was the flying bottle of cola, which left Justin's perpetually puzzled face with a little cut on it, and the man himself in a grumpy foul mood for the rest of the evening.

Of course, nobody should throw bottles of cola at people, but, equally, nobody should shove other people about. Then again, nobody should shout abuse at McDonald's spokespeople. There really are no winners here, are there?