Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kerry Katona story leaks

You have to feel for Kerry Katona and her husband thingybloke Mark Croft. They've been hounded out of Warrington by chequebook journalism:

"We moved away from Warrington to get away from all the people selling stories on Kerry.”

Mark's desire to take his family away from people giving embarrassing interviews in return for cash might be thwarted though, with, erm, him telling Now magazine all about his wife's bladder control problems:
After Kerry’s waters had broken I made sure Kerry got a towel before getting in my car as she was all wet.

“It was pouring out . It was mad! “She was using nappy things throughout her pregnancy – Kerry was peeing if she so much as sneezed – so I made her put one on before she got in the car.

“They’re like incontinence pads.”

Presumably the idea in moving from Warrington, then, was to ensure that if anyone was going to get cash from the papers for stories about them, everything will be flowing towards the family. Well, nearly everything.


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