Saturday, June 16, 2007

Noel builds his myth

We don't want to accuse Noel Gallagher of lying... oh, alright, we do. Perhaps he's just trying to create a myth to challenge the old Crossroads one. But we don't believe his reasons for why he values Sgt Pepper:

“It’s a special album for me because I was born on May 29 (1967) and it came out on June 1.

“So when I was being born in St Mary’s Manchester it was being played on hospital radio.”

Hospital radio. In Manchester. In 1967. Getting - and playing - a prerelease album. And it's on in the delivery room.

You might as well claim that Ringo was drumming to help Peggy keep her breathing in rhythm.

Nowadays, of course, Noel is great muckers with Paul, mind:
“I bumped into Paul that day [of the McCartney London gig earlier in the month] in Selfridges. I was in the menswear department and I heard someone say quite loud ‘watch him, shoplifter’. I looked round and it was McCartney. I hadn’t seen him for a while and we had a chat.

“I was gutted about missing the gig but when your missus is pregnant, it’s like you’re pregnant, so I didn’t go out.”

So Noel's not going... anywhere... out... but... it's like he's phoning it in or something, isn't it... phone... how would you use the phone if you only had little legs? In an emergency or something. Hmm...