Saturday, June 16, 2007

Old men fighting

According to this morning's Bizarre, there was an elderly bust-up on the Isle Of Wight last weekend when Ronnie Wood took exception to being called boring by Keith Richards. Keith, claims Victoria, is getting annoyed that nobody in the band wants to go drinking with him anymore and it seems was trying to goad Wood into going down the pub with him.

But it seems all is sweetness and light now:

Last night Ronnie’s son Jamie, who also manages his dad, said: “Dad is dad and Keef’s Keef. They are always falling out with each other. They are like a pair of teenagers sometimes.

“They went for dinner the other night and everything is fine. There were no fisticuffs — Keef is just mad.”

We're sure that Jamie Wood actually said "Keef", too, and that's not his quote being embellished in any way at all.

How odd must it be for your son to be managing you, and giving statements to the press about "you know what these teenagers are like"? If Ron and Jamie have fallings-out, does Ron have to threaten "I'll have you cut yourself out of my will, young man"?