Friday, June 08, 2007


Siobahn Donaghy has revealed in an interview with Gigwise that she nearly quit music after the Sugababes:

"When I left the Sugababes, I just thought music wasn't for me so that's why I left. It was just like, this industry isn't for me, I'm not strong enough for it. You know it was really beating me down."

To be honest, it was more that the music industry left her - and, indeed, some might argue that her subsequent career has hardly been right at the heart of the business.

She seems to resent being a former Sugababe a surprising amount:
"They have to put me in an ex-Sugababes bracket, which is just so difficult... if they just saw me as a new artist it would be so much easier. Maybe I'll change my name."

"In my opinion I've never sold out. I left the Sugababes just before they did some campaign with McDonalds, I was like fuck that!"

Which is all admirable, although you do wonder how many interviews she'd be doing now if she didn't have the 'ex-Sugababes bracket' upon which they can be hung.