Friday, July 27, 2007

Geldof gashes man with his car

Despite some attempts to suggest that there was something more to it than a terrible accident, it's clear that Bob Geldof knocking a bloke off his motorbike while pulling a U-turn was just an accident. Bob is quick to stress it really was just an accident:

“It was shocking. It was about 7pm, full-on traffic and the road was quite blocked. I indicated to pull out and a woman waved me out.

“I came out very slowly and was turning around to head in the opposite direction, which is perfectly legal — I checked with the police afterwards.

“As I edged around at a very low speed the bike came from pretty much nowhere and hit my car. There was a hell of a bang.The bike spun round and he flew off and was over the other side of the road. I was horrified, but relieved that he was moving.

“I told him to stay still and to keep his helmet on in case his neck was injured. Thankfully, it wasn’t. This is my first accident but it was fucking awful.

“A nurse was passing and said he’d be OK. The paramedics and ambulance staff said he just had bruises and I was very relieved.

“I tried calling him a few times on his mobile yesterday. The cops gave me the number, but it just rang out. I called the hospital too, but he was having tests.

“I’m shocked that his injuries are a lot worse than I was first told. It was just an accident — I’m loathe to blame anybody.

“I hope he’s well cared for and out soon. I regret it happened and I feel very sorry for him and I commiserate with him because of his injuries. If he thinks it’s appropriate, I’d like to drop over and see how he’s doing.”

That must have been a great call to the hospital:

- Could you tell me how Andrew Quinn is, please?
- Are you family, sir?
- No, this is Bob Geldof
- I'm hanging the phone up now, sir

Andrew Quinn - who is now looking at the early onset of arthritis, and has a ripped groin - isn't quite ready to let Bob off the hook:
“I didn’t stand a chance.

“I’m now facing surgery and injuries that may be with me the rest of my life. And it’s all because he didn’t pay enough attention when he pulled out.”

So, it was all a terrible accident, although apparently one which could have been avoided.


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