Friday, July 27, 2007

Bono's big night out

Victoria Newton had a tricky job this morning, trying to put some meat on a story about Bono and Penelope Cruz going to a nightclub. She has got (what sounds like a suspiciously made-up quote) from Cruz:

“He’s changing the world — I totally admire him.”

But that's not enough, so Victoria has to come up with a U2-related pun to round off the piece.

What have you got, Victoria?
I admire him too. Getting in that late, he must’ve been Staring At The Sun.

Yes, because... erm, if you go home after dawn, you do try to burn your own retinas out... or... um... how's that again?


M.C. Glammer said...

Why is she quoting Rooster?

Anonymous said...

Such a heartily unoriginal idea, that title's been used by TV On The Radio, Offspring, Level 42, Evanescence, Ultra Vivid Scene, and P'taah, among others. Incidentally, I saw my favourite t shirt of the year on someone's torso at Latitude festival a few weeks ago. It said simply "Bono Must Die".

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

The Ultra Vivid Scene one is, of course, the best of the bunch.

Bono Must Die is more than a great tshirt: they're also a band:

Anonymous said...

Anyone else get the feeling Newton's got a special edition of Microsoft Word that helps her write this stuff?

"It looks like you're writing an article about a popstar. Would you like to:
- Merge in a press-release?
- Pad it out with a made-up quote from an 'onlooker'?
- End with a meaningless pun based on a song title?"

M.C. Glammer said...

Trie story: I had a friend who was once introduced to Bono at a wedding. He'd never heard of him and thought his name was Bozo. He kept callgin him Bozo all night.

eyetie said...

I'm surprised that la Newton didn't try to squeeze in a romantic twist between Mr Property Dealer and Ms Rent-A-Beard. Maybe she didn't have time to research that angle...

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