Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hetfield in possession of offensive beard

Life on the frontline of the war on terror: It's being reported by that James Hetfield was detained at Luton Airport for having a "Taliban-style" beard.

Although, actually, he was not given any explanation as to why he was stopped for questioning, and it's only his band mates who have decided it was because of the beard. What surprised us, though, is that Metallica were flying in through Luton in the first place. Truly, the Lorraine Chases of heavy metal.


Anonymous said...

There's a chap called Toby who works in PR for Easyjet at Luton Airport. He appears on TV whenever the company is in the news.

My sole claim to fame is that he and I once 'tangled'.

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of the story that Primal Scream didn't turn up for a recording of Top of the Pops (remember that?) because they would have had to fly to Luton Airport, which they were "too rock 'n' roll" to do.

After which Luton Airport issued a hilariously serious statement saying that "Luton Airport is a modern airport with all the facilities that one would expect", or words to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Don't knock Luton, aka International London Luton Airport. Its quicker to get into Wembley from Luton than it is from Heathrow or Gatwick...

Anonymous said...

Hi there - thanks for your input on the controversy surrounding James Hetfield's facial hair. We've quoted your comments as part of our "Everybody's Talking About..." section on - you can check it out here:

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