Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Six attempts at Kevin Bacon

We can't figure out why they're bothering, but Footlose - the film that made Kevin Bacon, although only into a punchline - is about to be remade. As a musical.

In similar slightly-tangential music-related movie news, there's to be a third instalment of Bill and Ted. Without either of them:

The Times reports both Winter and Reeves were interested in reprising their roles, but the latter's agent suggested it could ruin the Matrix star's career.

Can't do much more harm than the third Matrix film, surely? And we're at a loss as to why Alex Winter isn't taking part - after all, it's unlikely his acting work - including voicing the King of the Mole Men in a cartoon and, erm, his uncredited appearance as a "subway passenger" in 1999's Fever would be set back by appearing in a movie where he would have been on-screen for a little longer.

(We know, by the way, that he did a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for Fever. We don't know anyone who's ever seen it, mind.)


Anonymous said...

Jump back!

PS I'm fairly sure I last saw Alex Winter appearing in a bizarre 'short film' on a German channel round my mate's house when I was 14. It involved Winter watching a lady enjoying a 6-inch ice lolly.

Anonymous said...

hey, Alex Winter works damned hard... at my local petrol station.

Sorry, bad pun but I couldn't resist.

I think we've moved on from B&T though and whilst the first two films are among my favourites, I doubt a third installment will do that well.

I do like the idea of an aged Reeves and Winter playing octagenarian Bill and Ted's though.

M.C. Glammer said...

The way I heard it Winter's been trying to get B&T III made for years, but Reeves wasn't really interested until recently, when he kinda liked the idea of B&T in their 40s playing a Las Vegas lounge.

Actually, I suspected the Tenacious D movie was just a rewrite of a B&T III script that'd been kicking around for years.

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