Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pete 'Two Hats' Doherty

Seemingly afraid that his Old Man Steptoe hat is a look that's been copied by too many others, Pete Doherty has raised the stakes: he's taken to wearing two hats instead.

Somewhat surprisingly, he also managed to get himself fined for littering in Regent's Park despite having checked in to the court-mandated Harrogate rehab the previous evening. His team assure The Sun he hasn't broken the latest terms of his sentence, though:

His solicitor Sean Curran said the detox would start next Monday. He added: “Pete has been in Harrogate, but I believe he is back in London.”

Because what's the rush? It's not like he's an addict or anything. We're not sure why you'd head up to Harrogate a week early - it's not like he's got any choice about going there, so he wouldn't need to have a look around first. All rather odd.

Yes, by the way: littering. Odd that someone who's constantly banging on about how he feels such an affinity with Old Albion treats it with such little respect.