Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rhianna blamed for the summer

You'd have thought there was plenty enough news around at the moment - floods, Russians, enormous Homer Simpsons on the hillsides of Dorset - that newspapers wouldn't have to resort to simply making up flim-flam.

Not so. The Sun runs a claim that Rhianna's Umbrella is "responsible" for the rainy weather. No, really:

And now experts are wondering if clubbers who have been partying to Umbrella have unwittingly been doing a RAINDANCE.

"Experts", eh? Experts who believe it's possible to control the weather by dancing.

Surprisingly, The Sun somehow manages to neglect to name these scientific experts.
Looking back, Umbrella seemed destined to bring bad luck.

The video to the track was shot on Friday, April 13.

Before the single was released on May 14, Britain had been basking in sunshine.

Erm... yes, that really proves how it was destined to bring bad luck - a whole month of sunshine.
But just one day after the song hit the shops, severe weather warnings hit the headlines.

Oh. Well, that proves it.

It's somewhat surprising that any newspaper - even one as slight as The Sun - would hold its readership in such contempt that it would print this guff with a straight face. They might as well have run a page with a drawing of a cheese pie on it.