Friday, August 03, 2007

Beth owes a debt

Beth Ditto has been talking about the origins of The Gossip as a number of lines on original drummer Kathy Mendonca's credit card:

“When you are college age, credit card companies bombard you with applications — so Kathy applied and got one.

“She paid for Nathan to move to Olympia with her and, when I graduated from high school a couple of years later, she paid for me to come out there too.

“That’s when we got the band together. Kathy was our drummer but she’s not in the band anymore.

“I think she’s still in debt because of that card — it was totally maxed out.”

Of course, now she's successful, Beth is going to repay that debt.

No, not by digging into her pocket, silly:
“On our next record I am going to write a song called Kathy’s Credit Card.”

Brilliant... and as you'll be getting royalties, you'll still be living off her credit card.