Friday, August 03, 2007

Newton warms-up Frost story

Having been on the end of a chewing-out for letting the Mirror make the running with the Pete Doherty story, Victoria Newton knows she has to raise her game this morning.

She, erm, doesn't quite manage it, going with a Sadie Frost angle:

NO ONE is celebrating KATE MOSS dumping PETE DOHERTY more than her best pal SADIE FROST.

And I know why.

Actress and mum-of-four Sadie was horrified when she discovered the junkie rocker had hidden drugs in her handbag during a group holiday.

It was in June 2005 when Sadie, Kate and Pete were on a boat owned by the father of their pal DAVINIA TAYLOR, cruising round the Med.

Yes, Newton's big exclusive is actually I Know What You Did The Summer Before Last, tacked onto a vaguely-worded guess that Frost will be pleased that Moss has dumped Pete. Hold the front page, everybody.