Monday, August 06, 2007

Geri: still on the beach

After the Sunday papers had a go at trying to pretend those years of treating Geri halliwell like a washed-up self-promoting basket case never happened, today the 3AM Girls roll up to coo over her holiday snaps:

Geri Halliwell looks in great shape as she jabbers on her mobile in St Tropez.

Geza, 34, is on holiday with daughter Bluebell. And while fellow Spice Mel B has been eating a lot of face (see right), it looks like Ginger has been a lot eating salad. Her bright bikini shows the results of vigorous workouts with a personal trainer. It's clearly working wonders.

Hang about a minute, though, as the Daily Mail wants a go, too:
Geri Halliwell showed of her stunning figure as she took to the water in the South of France.

The 34-year-old was having the time of her life as she whizzed about on a jet ski while enjoying a sun-soaked break in St Tropez

Halliwell has been pulling out all of the stops to get back into shape for the Spice Girls comeback tour which was announced earlier this year.

If this level of treating a rather silly woman prancing in a swimsuit with such seriousness continues, by Christmas we're going to be hearing of Halliwell's face appearing in the middle of an aubergine.


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