Monday, August 06, 2007

Unacceptable in the suburbs

Calvin Harris is about to cause upset in suburbia, as he uses MySpace to encourage The Kids to throw the most amazing party they can:

The event is the brainchild of the Scottish pop star Calvin Harris and underwritten by his record company, Columbia, a subsidiary of SonyBMG. An enticing web page reads: “All you have to do is hold your own Calvin Harris party and tell us about it! Anything goes – big or small – from a neon nu-rave extravaganza to a boozy barbecue to a girls’ night in.”

The Times reports worries that Harris fans might ignore the "or small" bit and instead throw something out of control - the MySpace parties which you read about in the papers; a future where people piss in the beds of Middle England forever:
The parties are part of the marketing strategy for Harris’s new single, Merrymaking At My Place. The most ambitious party-thrower will receive a prize £1,500 and Harris himself will grace their living room, or what is left of it, with a live performance. The small print for the competition excludes SonyBMG from all liability for any “tangible property damage, losses or injuries” resulting from the parties.

Hmm. On the other hand, isn't that a fairly standard legal get-out that tends to appear in the small print for virtually any pastime?

So, should Britain be bracing itself for a night of party themed destruction on August 18th?

Maybe not, the paper concludes with a slight air of disappointment:
The competition is open to those 16 and above and a caveat on the entry form reads: “We strongly recommend that you do not invite strangers or advertise the party as open to all – or else you will be responsible for the consequences.”

The teenagers who posted responses to Harris’s invitation appear to have less destructive designs [than the MySpace disaster parties]. He has been promised tea and pancakes by hopeful entrants.

Be on your guard, parents - and count your teabags.