Monday, August 06, 2007

Those of you of a sensitive disposition might want to skip this one

In today's Times, Kate Spicer complains that no woman would want to buy pants based on the models used in Calvin Klein underwear ads. For men. (That does slightly miss the point, what with the Djimon Hounsou and Travis Fimmel ads being aimed at men in a you-too-could-have-a-body-like-this way, but let it go.)

Spicer instead has drawn up a little list of people she'd like to see blown up to the size of a billboard in skimpy white knickers. Bill Clinton. Calum Best. And, oh my poor eyes, Johnny Borrell:

Move over, Kirsten. We want to swoon in this bad-boy rocker’s mosh pit, and snuggle up in his sweaty T-shirt. The sneer, the lithe body, the tight white jeans that let us peek at his pocket rocket, those endearingly English teeth – it all makes Borrell a modern-day Mick.

I'm sorry you had to see portions of that - especially the "pocket rocket" bit. Besides, doesn't Borrell avoid undergarments to avoid visible panty line?