Monday, August 06, 2007

Private Eye's I-Sky column will be gurgling with delight

For some reason, it's only The Sun which sees anything newsworthy in the suggestion that Jordan uses her Sky+ remote as a tool-measuring tool:

“I'm proud of it! [Peter Andre's penis] It's the size of the Sky remote control - I've measured it."

But Jordan went one further adding: “'It is the size of the Sky+ remote, the one with the grey bits on, that's bigger than a normal remote.”

What a pity she didn't go on to mention the surprises you get when you press the red button; they could have used her in the adverts.

Still, we sympathise: if Peter Andre came at us with his knob out, we'd be reaching for the TV remote control, too.


Anonymous said...

"And the girth! Why, it's almost as wide as the vast selection of quality programming we get for just £15 a month for the first six months" she added :(

How does this endless coverage of Jordan's every cough fit in with the Sun's wall-to-wall Spice Girl fawning, by the way? I thought Jordan and Victoria hated each other (in the same way that various dull celebrities 'hate each other', i.e. Feeding the tabloids enough lame put-downs to keep themselves in print). Shouldn't they be taking sides by now?

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