Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Is there nobody immune to blandishments of the gossip columns?

She might have let us all down by agreeing to kick off the whole circus, but judging by the 3AM Girls decision not to bother with the faux-flattery, Mel C is remaining awkward as ever. Indeed, today's story suggests that Mel C is going to receive all the hatred that would usually be smeared all over the women:

It was allegedly Mel C's turn to be scary after she was told by manager Simon Fuller to take singing lessons.

All the band were reportedly ordered to have voice training before their reunion tour but Mel stormed: "I don't need lessons. I can sing, thank you very much."

Really, Mel, do you need this? It says everything about how Fuller knows the prices of tickets, but the value of nothing. Why would you tell the only one of them who can actually sing that she needs lessons? Couldn't be an attempt to try and hammer down the reluctant member, could it?