Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's like one of those Frasiers where Kelsey Grammar is on leave

Max Clifford's comfy position top-slicing Kerry Katona's misery cash is now well-established, The Sun is now running pieces about Katona without needing to bother quoting her:

[Mark Croft] yesterday: “I am not a liar.

“I don’t have to prove it, I’m not doing it [the lie-detector test].”

I’m A Celeb winner Kerry’s publicist Max Clifford said: “It’s very disappointing.

“It begs the question Why?”

Actually, Clifford could just move in with Croft and leave Kerry out the loop entirely.

Oh, and Max? Perhaps Croft doesn't want to take the test because, you know, he's not interested in using his personal screw-ups to turn a few bob. Just a guess.