Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jennifer Ellison: My shit life

We can see why Jennifer Ellison would be happy to flog the "I was an abused fiancee" story to the News of the World - having seen how Kerry Katona has managed to spin so much gold from a crap life, who wouldn't attempt to make a little cash while humiliating the thuggish bloke who last week got caught with Shalimar Wimble by telling the world he's a violent bastard?

What we can't see is why the News of the World would run this as their front-page splash.. Sure, it's a bit of a thin summer - which is why The Sun is reduced to running day after day of "exclusives" about sharks, an obsession which suggests that Rebekah Wade has gone on holiday and left an autistic nine year-old in charge of the paper - but even the NOTW can't quite recall why Jennifer Ellison is famous:

During all her secret turmoil with Richardson, brave Jennifer's career continued to soar. She won Celebrity's Hell's Kitchen, toured to rave reviews in the musical Chicago and had TV roles in ITV's legal drama The Brief and the BBC sitcom Hotel Babylon.

In other words: after she left a now-defunct soap-opera, she's had a couple of bit parts in TV shows and tramped round the country in a musical. In fact, she's mostly been famous for telling unconvincing stories about how she's been injured.

The saddest aspect of the story, though, is that if it hadn't been for the intervention of Shalamar Womble, she'd probably still be covering up for Richardson now.


bermondseyboy said...

jennifer ellison is very talented and she is not a story teller like the rest of them so dont start slaging her off she as a rough time with tony cheating on her she dont need it ok she was very loyal to him and he dose that to her he needs a slap or worse jen is the best give her my email address i will sort her out good luck jen love you to bits

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It might be easier to "not give Jennifer Ellison a hard time" were she not selling her hard time to the News of the World for a large sum.

And she might be incredibly talented for all I know - how unfortunate that talent doesn't lay in any of the jobs she has so far found herself in.

Anonymous said...

that article makes me sick on so many levels. one of them being i cant actually believe i read it all. a story about two (or three) complete morons, the icing on the cake being "To cheer herself up, Jennifer splashed out more than £150,000 on a top of the range Bentley convertible on Wednesday."

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