Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stay straight, instructs strict Street

During the making of the forthcoming Babyshambles album, Stephen Street decided to have a go at getting Pete Doherty to kick the drugs:

"Pete wasn't in a very good state for the first couple of weeks of making the record for the reasons that people know about. It was a bit worrying to be honest with you.

"There were a couple of times I had to fire warning shots across his bow, say, 'Listen, you've got to sort yourself out here because if you don't I can't work with you'. I felt like I was going to let down the rest of the band if I walked away from things.

"Sometimes I had to sit down with Pete and have really good heart-to-hearts with him to get through all of that and connect with the real musician and artist that's underneath..I wanted to prove to those people that he can make a decent record."

Clearly, Doherty took what he said straight to heart, judging by how it's now almost a week and a half since he's been photographed doing drugs in a tabloid.

Street seems to have missed the point that, if Doherty was off the drugs, he'd be in a position to make a decent record like the ones he made before - because he could get back with Carl, bringing out the best in each other. If it wasn't for the drugs, Street wouldn't be involved with a Babyshambles album, because there would be no Babyshambles.