Thursday, August 09, 2007

Timbaland endorses Madonna product

Timbaland has looked on the work he and Justin Timberlake have done for Madonna, and pronounced it good:

"We just did Madonna's record. Me and Justin did the records for the album.

"She's great... she's got her hot album. Her album is up there with Justin's album."

Blimey, not as good as all that, eh? He surely doesn't mean Justin Timberlake's last collection, does he, the self-aggrandising bong of an empty barge desperately trying to dock in an over-flooded harbour?

Madonna, meanwhile, might be less than thrilled that Timbaland - who she took on as a hot-name producer, is now also working with Celine Dion. Which makes his current work look more like Gordon Ramsay's "helping out failing restaurants" series, and pegs Madonna as somewhere around a poorly-decorated tearoom in Ludlow which serves frozen gateaux.