Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bestival fake warning

Organisers of this weekend's Bestival are warning you to check your ticket closely:

[I]t is very important you arrive at Bestival with an official ticket bought from an official outlet. We are aware of fake tickets in circulation and all tickets will be carefully scrutinised before entry to the festival is permitted. Anyone holding a fake ticket will be refused entry.

All tickets are non-transferrable and cannot be re-sold... and its especially important that you don't buy from a tout as these are liable to be fakes. If you can no longer make the event you should contact the outlet you bought your ticket from to request a refund.

See you on the Isle of Wight!!!

x Bestival

NB: There are two types of official Bestival tickets in circulation... colourful security tickets and smaller blue and white hologrammed tickets.

We're not sure that having two sorts of tickets in circulation is especially helpful, and we do love the touching idea that ticket sellers are happily going to refund your ticket money without question if, for example, you've decided to spend the weekend at your grandma's house instead.