Saturday, September 08, 2007

Blake: My wife should have won

To be fair, it's not just Blake Fielder-Civil who thinks Amy Winehouse should have won the Mercurys. Radcliffe and Maconie were saying pretty much the same thing, but since it's not entirely clear what it is the award is for (the content of the album? the quality of performance on it? the sound of it alone?) it's hard to see how anything could be officially described as the wrong choice - they could vote solely on the sleeve for all we know. Still, Blake's annoyed:

"Amy was robbed. Who knows why they didn't give her the award. But I was so proud of her for her performance.

"She's really well and she doesn't need to go back into rehab."

You'd expect Fielder-Civil to be disappointed that they didn't get the chance to turn the Nationwide Building Society's money into, uh, special treats, but clearly he's not got very much in the way of judgement left.


Anonymous said...

I'm halfway into a carton of cheap Sardinian wine so forgive me if I've misunderstood Blake's comment here, but...

"Amy was robbed.... I was so proud of her for her performance. She's really well and she doesn't need to go back into rehab."

Is he suggesting she should've won the award because she managed to turn up and put on a more successful performance than her previous blood-stained appearances and no-shows? Are the Mercurys now awarded based on Most Impressive Recovery? If so, maybe the Klaxons won because they were suffering from gout complications the week before.

Anonymous said...

There was a fairly interesting piece by one of the judges in the Guardian earlier this week:,,2163040,00.html

Mikey said...

Anyone with a minus in their name is a cock.

There. I've said it.

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