Thursday, September 27, 2007

James Blunt is a lesbian

Now, you know that round here James Blunt is about as popular as a bluetongued midge on a cattle ranch, but we feel we have to defend him against - yes - Victoria Newton's claim:

James Blunt's Ellen blunder

POP heart-throb JAMES BLUNT tried to chat up US TV host ELLEN DEGENERES on her show - even though she is gay.

Ha! Blunt must be, like, a blundering dimwit, right?

Erm... no:
DeGeneres, who dates actress PORTIA DE ROSSI, asked the 33-year-old singer if he was seeing anyone.

He replied: “I’ll give you my phone number afterwards.”

He added: “I am actually very effeminate.”

Clearly, Blunt was making a joke. It might not have been a great joke, but what it certainly wasn't was a blunder.

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