Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sinking like a Stone: MTV Awards leftovers

Twenty four hours after the MTV Video Music Awards, our papers of record finally get the chance to report on the events you've already read all about. But, to be fair, they do manage to find angles that online media have somehow missed.

3AM reports on, erm, Joss Stone's "pre-awards" appearance - which, of course, was "fab":

Joss Stone's fantastic performance at a pre-MTV bash showed she's put awards show embarrassments behind her.

...by, presumably, the simple expedient of not being invited to appear at the awards show.

Still, never one to miss the bendy-bus of a zeitgeist, they also join in the 'Winehouse was robbed' chant, treating her unsurprising no show/no prize hand off as the second criminal snub to Winehouse in a week.

Victoria Newton is in no doubt who the star of the evening was: breast tape. This is handy, as on a thin night, it means she can stuff Bizarre with a bunch of pictures of women holding up their breasts with duct taping.

Still, kudos to the Bizarre team, who did at least manage to spot a Briton at the awards. Mind you, it was only a Spice Girl. And even then, it was only Mel B.