Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Duran drop Iraq track

Duran Duran have left off the Iraq song from their new album because they hoped to sell some copies in the US. Sorry, because it was too angry, apparently:

Nick Rhodes says, "We've always reflected what's around us but we always tried to pick the more uplifting subjects. There was so much doom and gloom around that this record was becoming angry and political."

Good heavens, not connecting with the real world, you mean? Thank god you put a stop to that, otherwise you might have ceased to be a bunch of fading popstars burning through goodwill to your youngerselves in lieu of offering any relevance to the modern world.

After all, why just bum people out by focusing on a war that so far has wiped something in the order of 75,000 civilians? Why not focus on the positive things instead? We look forward to your album, 'Arbys Introduce Subs', with its lead-off single 'Watching kittens in boxes on YouTube', Mr. Rhodes.


Anonymous said...

Nick Rhodes says, "We've always reflected what's around us...."

Models, beaches, yachts.......

You're hardly Woody Guthrie, Nick.

Anonymous said...

The song was NEVER planned to be on their new album - Read the Details piece where this excerpt stemmed from. This one song was a part of their first scrapped tracks full of political U2 wannabe rantings.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Oddly, Nick Rhodes makes it sound like the track was recorded for consideration on the album - whether it failed the cut sooner or later doesn't alter that they've gone with something lamer.

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