Monday, October 01, 2007

Gary Barlow moans about British music

Talking like a man who has already bought an extra can of Brasso to buff up the award, Gary Barlow is predicting great success for Gary Barlow at the Brits, because everything else is dull:

“I’m not sure what the Brits is going to be like this year because there haven’t been any massive British records.

“If you think about it, last year in the Best British Single category, there were loads of really strong pop records, but this year there haven’t really been any. The biggest song has probably been RIHANNA's Umbrella but she’s not British.”

How a man can say that with a straight face in the year when Ting Tings released That's Not My Name is beyond us, but we guess Barlow is just assuming that the Brits aren't going to bother themselves with anything beyond the Top Ten.

And if the major label-top 40 sector has been less than glittery this year, could that be because of the obsession with resurrecting bands instead of discovering them, with Blue and Spice Girls and god knows who else being measured up to see if they can fit in their old stage pants? And which band would have been responsible for kicking off that obsession, Mr. Gary Barlow out of Take That?

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