Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hung up on the Spice Girls

It was only a matter of time before the "mobile phone company customers get tickets first" marketing campaigns ran into some backlash grief, and it's arrived this morning as many of the million who registered for, but didn't get, Spice Girls tickets discover that O2 customers were able to pick up half-a-dozen without having to register. Many of which have found their way on to eBay.

The Spice Girls people are rushing to try and move themselves away from the gathering smell of a PR dungheap:

A source close to the Spice Girls camp said that the girls had not been aware of the 02 deal.

The source said: "We had no idea the system could be bypassed in this way and fans who had registered let down."

Oh, really? Now, while we can well believe that Victoria and Geri have no intimate details of the ticket allocation mechanism, but are we really supposed to believe that nobody in the Spice's team had any idea that they'd done a deal which allowed O2 customers to get access to tickets?

Either they're telling the truth - which would suggest that Fuller's management of the comeback is in total disarray, which seems unlikely - or they're, you know, doing that thing where you say something that isn't actually true.

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