Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nostradamus didn't see Judas Priest coming, did he?

Busy, busy in the studio: Rob Halford and his old friends Judas Priest, working on a concept album about Nostradamus. Why Nostradamus?

"(He's) a real man, not like a fantasy that you get in rock and roll and metal. (We're) telling the story of this very controversial human being from 500 years ago, from France, who still resonates all these years later. It's a human story as well as one that you know about from his premonitions."

Well, yes, he was a real man, but he was also a terrible fantasist himself - as you might have spotted with all his vaguely-worded "premonitions", all of which have come true if you use the ample wiggle-room he gave himself. Just because he really existed doesn't make an apocalyptic doom-laden concept album any more inherently less pompous, Mr. Halford.

But then: I wouldn't understand, would I?
"If you don't like metal, if you don't understand metal, you'll never get it. You just won't grasp it. It's very difficult to convert somebody into metal if they don't understand what it means."

And there we were thinking it was just ordinary rock with a midlife crisis.


Anonymous said...

Oh, could you get any more bitter? Nobody even found it worth commenting on, for obvious reasons.

What was the point with that blog, other than "I've got a problem with Judas Priest"?

Jesus, it's just embarrassing. Get a life.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Actually, anonymous... you seem to have found it worth commenting on. Well done!

Anonymous said...

What was the point, anon? Come on. Judas Priest + Nostradamus = potential comedy gold.

Also amusing: people who comment to complain that something isn't worth commenting on. Reminds me of those Monty Python Vox Pops bits with characters firmly declaring their intention to drone on and on and on about nothing in particular.

Anonymous said...

Retail rip mp3@192kbps CBR

Nostradamus is a concept album by English heavy metal band Judas Priest, focusing on the 16th century prophet Nostradamus.[1] The band’s first concept album,[2] it was originally intended to be released in late 2006 before being pushed to a 2007 release,[3] and was released on June 16th 2008 on Epic records.

Guitarist K.K. Downing revealed in a February 2007 interview with Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles that 18 tracks had been recorded with a total length of more than 90 minutes and that there was not much he would like to cut down. In November 2007, singer Rob Halford indicated that it was still undecided whether it would be a double-disc set or not. In April 2008, it was confirmed that the album would be released as a double-CD/triple vinyl LP.

Musically, the album contains symphonic orchestrations including the use of keyboards and choirs which is unlike anything the band has previously attempted before.

In November 2007 the band began mixing the album. During its summer 2008 tour, the band plans to include shows where the album is performed in its entirety.

According to, the album was released in Europe on June 16, 2008 and June 17 in United States. Three configurations of Nostradamus have been issued. The most common is a regular jewel-cased double CD, but there is also be a “CD deluxe hardbound version,” which features a 48-page booklet, while a “super deluxe version” includes three vinyl records (in addition to the CD deluxe packaging, plus a poster).

Story line

Nostradamus centres around the life and times of the prophet. The first disc details various prophecies he has about the future and the end of the world. This leads to him being exiled. Later on, after his death, the world realizes just how right he was.

Track listing

Disc 1

1. “Dawn of Creation” * – 2:31
2. “Prophecy” – 5:26
3. “Awakening” * – 0:52
4. “Revelations” – 7:05
5. “The Four Horsemen” * – 1:35
6. “War” – 5:04
7. “Sands of Time” * – 2:36
8. “Pestilence and Plague” – 5:08
9. “Death” – 7:33
10. “Peace” * – 2:21
11. “Conquest” – 4:42
12. “Lost Love” – 4:28
13. “Persecution” – 6:34

Disc 2

1. “Solitude” * – 1:22
2. “Exiled” – 6:32
3. “Alone” – 7:50
4. “Shadows in the Flame” * – 1:10
5. “Visions” – 5:28
6. “Hope” * – 2:09
7. “New Beginnings” – 4:56
8. “Calm Before the Storm” * – 2:05
9. “Nostradamus” – 6:46
10. “Future of Mankind” – 8:29

* * Intro pieces of music going into the main track

Anonymous said...

...and if you substitute "Judas Priest" with "Spinal Tap" and "Rob Halford" with "David St. Hubbins", it sounds just as good!

I'd still rather see/hear "Saucy Jack", though.

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