Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Love at Claridges

Apparently, Courtney Love loves staying at Claridges when she's in London.

Claridges, though, aren't that thrilled in return. Not after last time, when she did a bit of damage. The 3AM Girls investigate:

[W]e tried to help out the former Hole singer and rang Claridges on her behalf.

When we mentioned Courtney's name we were told: "We're fully booked for those dates but we can put you on a waiting list."

Bizarrely, when we tried to book a room minutes later for the same dates but under a different name, rooms suddenly became available. In fact, we were told: "There's a choice of suites available."

Goodness... that's almost actual journalism in the 3AM Column. Or possibly just a great advert for Claridges - if you can be sure you won't bump into Courtney over the breakfast buffet, that's got to make it the safest place to stay on London, surely?