Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Robbie Williams is not living up to John Legend's expectations

With something approaching a poetic mirror-image, John Legend has given a long interview to The Sun. Since nobody here cares much about Legend, the paper has splashed with his opinions on why nobody much cares about Robbue Williams:

“I'm stunned as to why Robbie's not that done well in America."

He then seems to have an epiphany and works out why:
“It's a difficult market to crack. Americans' music taste changes all of the time.

“I'm lucky things have worked out for me.

“I'm glad I'm known for making good music rather than for partying like some people. I also would hate to have a celebrity girlfriend. I do like to party though – I just do it private!"

Hmm... being known for being a vapid partier and unlikely to do the work to crack a big market... who does that sound like?