Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pete Doherty doesn't go to jail. Again.

This time, there's actually some logic to the two week adjournment granted to Doherty; he's apparently tested negative for drugs over the last six weeks and the judge accepted a request from his solicitor, Sean Curran, to give him another go at post-treatment treatment:

Mr Curran, whose practice is based in Stoke Newington, north London, said: "Pete's doing very, very well, extremely well and he wants to give himself a chance.

"The court knows he's tested negative for drugs throughout his residential programme - that's six weeks now.

"The judge wants to see how he's keeping after the aftercare before he goes back for them to assess him."

He emphasised: "This was not a court application or anything to do with court bureaucracy - it was my application, which was accepted at 5.15pm last night."

That seems a little late in the day... almost as if they were waiting for the last possible moment to lodge the application, for some reason.


Anonymous said...

The one and only time I ever submitted an application in court (on behalf of my newspaper) it was turned down in part because it had not been put in at the earliest opportunity... The courts system seems to serve Doherty well.

Anonymous said...

'Scuse my ignorance, I really don't understand anything about this application business. Why is this serving him well? What's the significance of the time of day which Curran submitted it?

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