Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ah... so THAT'S why Mum's gone to Iceland

Kerry Katona is probably hoping that something terrible happens to her in the next couple of weeks, because she could do with flogging another "My [insert cause of misery here] misery" story to a mag pretty sharpish.

The News of the World has done some number crunching and reckons that, with the Inland Revenue chasing her for a couple of hundred thousand in back taxes, she could be out on the street by Christmas.

The Screws quotes an OK insider who claims that she's now only being paid two grand a week for her column - only! - and another who reckons that Iceland have cut the cash they give her for flogging batter to the hapless. Keeping the Iceland contract has had a bonus, though: apparently she's able to get all the frozen food she wants for free. An Iceland freeloader. Classy.


Anonymous said...

Now, I've got little or no time for La Katona, but your low blows against Iceland are a little perplexing. Iceland has been actively anti-GM for ages, and, contrary to popular opinion (and, of course, its name) doesn't just sell frozen food. And anyway, "frozen" doesn't automatically mean "unhealthy"...

Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Up to a point I'm with you, Pete - Iceland used to be actively anti-GM food; however, there's absolutely no mention of a genetically modified stance anywhere on its website now besides a single reference to a 1998 own-brand range; I suspect the pledge was abandoned quietly but would be happy to be corrected on this: at the time it was a really impressive move.

And, true, frozen food doesn't have to be unhealthy. But I can't imagine anyway that you can sell a pizza with meat toppings on for 80p without either screwing a farmer really, really badly, or using crushingly cheap ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Simon - Iceland's website is surprisingly interesting... You're right about GM - not much mention of it now. It all goes quiet after 1998.
As for cheapo pizzas, you're right there too, but in their defence, Iceland are surely not the only offenders. Anyway, enough of my yakkin - back to "work"


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Pete: you're right - I suspect there's as much nasty stuff for sale in Saisnburys as there is in an Iceland and much of it is a matter of perception. But it's that perception which they're never going to shift while their public face is Kerry...

Laura Brown said...

Sorry to resurrect an ancient discussion, but I just got the latest issue of the Soil Association's magazine, Living Earth (reserve your copy before it flies off the shelves!), and according to it, ALL of Iceland's eggs and dairy products come from animals raised on genetically modified feed. I don't know if they have changed their stance, or if that hoopla about being "GM-free" was just so much weasel-speak (after all, the milk and eggs themselves aren't genetically modified).

Laura Brown said...

P.S. Apparently the places to shop if you don't want GM are M&S, Waitrose and the local organic farmer's market. Depressingly few perceptions shifted there ...

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