Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Rock and Roll Fun is 20,000

This post really is to warn you that, in another 4,999 post, we'll be doing something to "celebrate" the 25,000th post on No Rock.

To stop this being totally redundant, a few quick pieces of housekeeping.

First, I'm slowly working through the older archive posts to try and get them into some sort of housestyle, properly tagged, more easy to search and so on; it's going to take time, but that's why some old posts look like they were posted yesterday and some are laid out completely differently. I'm not changing any of the content of the posts - although some of the more egregious spelling mistakes might be corrected - so, if the story points through to a page that has, in the last few years, vanished from the internet, it'll still be there and - however tempting it might be - I'm not going to change posts to benefit from hindsight. ("How splendid a choice Billie Piper is to accompany Doctor Who...")

Second, some other ways you can 'enjoy' No Rock: we're flattered to be part of The Word magazine's News Aggregator, although having our posts rubbing up against shoulders with the likes of Andrew Collins and Rob Fitzpatrick makes us feel like a caravan parked in Park Lane.

You can actually have posts delivered the moment they happen (sort-of) via email, which is an almost-secret; we've been routinely getting Blogger to post entries to a GoogleGroup for the last - blimey - 13,000 messages or so, to develop a separate archive in case anything bad ever happens. 13,000 messages suggests it's quite a robust service, so if you prefer that method of getting stuff, sign up at GoogleGroups.

You'll probably have spotted down there on the left there's been a Tumblr feed which churns out bits and pieces of non-No Rock stuff that grabs me as I wander about the internet; it also pulls in stuff from my Twitter feed, which you can follow - should you wish - directly. It's the microblogging revolution.


Anonymous said...

thank you for all those posts. it really is a joy to read them!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is absolutely one of my favorites...thanks for all the work you do!

Anonymous said...

likewise - love the blog, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Have really enjoyed No Rock for quite a while. Thanks Simon. Looking forwards to many more posts!


Ade said...

I'm in my late thirties, stopped getting Q magazine about ten years ago, almost completely stopped buying albums and generally hate current music almost as much as my dad does. But I can't give up reading XRRF. Here's to the next 5,000 and the next 20,000 posts.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the above posts - keep it up, a joy to read.

Alan said...

egregious spelling mistakes "Ricky Gervias' clean break"?

ps: dimly-related to music:

Duncan said...

Congrats on the Milestone, Simon. Been a keen reader for some time now, despite your utter unbridled hatred for the Zune ;)

Seen the new model yet? It's been getting some good reviews...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add my love to the pile. Thanks for the ace posts, special features and monkey pictures. I'm looking forward to the next 20,000 posts (which, provided Lily Allen keeps speaking, the Gallaghers keep grunting and Victoria Newton keeps doing whatever it is she does, shouldn't be a problem)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

No Rock is just about my favorite page on the net. Keep up the good work, Simon!

anon as yet said...

I'm glad were all gushing here, its richly deserved... Well done Simon, this blog is a marvel!

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