Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pete Doherty: rehab by day

News this morning from Pete Doherty's ongoing struggle with demons, etc. You'll recall the last time we saw him, he was issuing abashed statements about heading straight back to rehab having fallen off the wagon.

It turns out he's only doing day rehab, which is leaving his night free for other things. Like, according to the 3AM Girls, getting busy in the kitchen:

In our pictures the tracksuit-clad addict calmly chops up five massive lines of the drug on a silver tray perched on a kitchen counter, snorts them through a rolled-up piece of paper then stares glassily at the camera.

That's horrifying. Doherty in a tracksuit?


Anonymous said...

'A silver tray'? I thought Doherty lived in a grotty hovel decorated with bodiy fluids. Does this mean that, in amongst this filth, there are gleaming family heirlooms in mint condition? If so, that makes him the ideal candidate for Barry Scott's next advert.

"You're telling me that Cillit Bang can clean all the dried crack off this tray? I'll believe it when I see it!"
*swoosh effect*
"Wow! It really works! And this new Grime-n-Lime flavour really hits the spot too! Pardon? I'm not meant to what?"

Anonymous said...

It says something about him--or perhaps me, I'm not sure--that the tracksuit seemed the most remarkable part of the story.

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