Saturday, November 17, 2007

Winehouse hair storage

From the looks of a video that's currently circulating on the internet, Amy Winehouse uses her beehive like Marge Simpson uses hers. Only while Marge keeps the family's saving money jar in her hair, Amy appears to keep some her Vicks inhaler in there; rummaging about and then snorting to clear her passages. It's horrible being congested, isn't it?

Meanwhile, she's been winning friends by locking herself in the toilets for a crafty fag. Unfortunately, she's been doing it on a plane:

Finally a fed-up female crew member announced on the Tannoy: “Our famous little friend is smoking in the toilet. It’s just that the smoke alarm hasn’t gone off yet.”

A 23-year-old girl passenger said: “It’s one rule for her and another one for us.

“I’d have been arrested if I was caught smoking in the toilet and rightly so.

“Fair enough she’s stressed out but it’s not exactly a long-haul flight.”

British Airways have denied the cabin announcement was made and have promised an "investigation" - it's not clear if they're investigating the announcement or the smoking, or indeed why; but given British Airways ability to cock things up on a grand scale, we don't imagine we'll ever hear of the investigation ever again.