Sunday, December 23, 2007

Amy Winehouse "kidnap plot"

Last week, the News of the World revealed how Amy Winehouse is going to kill herself in prison as she serves a life sentence. This week, Rav Singh has an 'exclusive' about the kidnap of Winehouse, carried out by a gang of "jailbird villains":

GANGLAND mobsters are threatening to KIDNAP troubled rock star Amy Winehouse unless they get a ransom of £100,000.

Usually, of course, the ransom demands come after the kidnap, but then the news story usually follows the actual kidnap.

It's very brave of Rav to publish a "pop star at heart of kidnap threat" story in the News of the World after the last one. You might recall when the Victoria Beckham to be kidnapped story came to court, the whole thing collapsed when it turned out the paper had paid £10,000 to a convicted criminal for the inside details:
The judge said on Monday he was minded to refer the whole matter to the Attorney General "to consider the temptations that money being offered in return for stories concerning celebrities give rise to".

Still, we're sure that Rav's impeccable sources - "our man on the inside" of the jail where Blake Fielder-Civil has supposedly been getting these threats - has got all the facts straight and hasn't cooked up the whole thing for a cash payment.