Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Producer attaches Britney's name to lame script; media bites

As lame ideas for films go, a teenager giving birth on Christmas Day and her hick neighbours deciding that it's the second coming - even if it's touted as a "satirical" look at religion - is pretty much lacking good legs. It's the sort of Polytechnic Film Course idea that nobody would give a second look at.

Unless you add Britney Spears' name to it. Which is what has happened:

"I had to convince my partners because they were like, 'Oh, no. Britney?'" the film's French producer, Philippe Rebboah, tells Us.

"But I thought it was brilliant. It's a bit ironic that she would play the Virgin Mary, no?"

Ironic? Not really. And not especially funny, either. We wonder if he's actually pitched this to Spears' people yet, because we bet he didn't do the "... and it's funny because Britney is playing a virgin, while as we all know... um... she... aaah..." routine.