Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sharon Osbourne fails to follow through

One of the few good things to come out of the unwatchable Sharon Osbourne show was the woman offering to build a sensory garden for a twelve year-old disabled boy.


Unfortunately, the three thousand pound garden never materialised - although at some point someone from ITV sent a talking dice instead. Now, some fourteen months on, the family have finally got the garden, but only after the Daily Star got involved.

The programme team are dressing it up as if the excruciating delay was part of plan to make the timing special:

A spokesman for The Sharon Osbourne Show said: "We're upset to hear the family hasn't received the equipment as yet but we understand arrangements have now been made so that Dean has an extra special Christmas which he and his family will remember."

Heartwarming, you see? Of course, the mother will also remember fourteen months of constant calls to ITV trying to find out what had happened to remember as well.


Anonymous said...

A member of the Osbourne family can't be trusted with a collection of mood-altering plants? I'm shocked, I tell you.

Mickie31 said...

Yeah you say it was Sharon Osbourne's fault more like the programmer's fault. How can you blame Sharon Osbourne when she was hired by the program company. It's ridiculous. It's the television company you ought to blame. Pathetic!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

And yet, Mickie, when she made the promise on screen, on a programme that was created as a vehicle for her, and carrying her name, she didn't say "Talkback Thames are going to do this for you", did she?

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